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Cored wire injection
Cored Wire Injection
Process Equipment Specification Capacity Product Advantage

* Floating of free alumina   by formation of calcinated aluminium oxysulphides.
* Improvement of fluidity of steel while casting
* Reduction in Aluminium loss during casting

* M/s J B Advani and Company
* Feeding of 9mm -13mm Cored Wires
* Two roller type with flipping type spools.

* Feeding rate 20 -100 Mtr/min

* Fine adjustment of tramp elements
* In SS grades, Cored Wire Injection is done to modify morphology of inclusions to make less abrasive. For improved machinability percentage "S" is maintained above 0.25% in Sulphur bearing grade. In non Sulphur grades, controls are employed to maintain percentage "S" between 0.02 & 0.03 Uniform distribution of "B" and "Ti"
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