Facor Steel Ltd.
24" Mill Rolling Mill
24" Mill Rolling Mill
Process Equipment Specification Capacity

*Proper soaking of material before rolling
*Mechanised handling during rolling
*Close control on dimensional and other physical aspects like bend, twist, etc.
*Inline cutting and mechanized handling of bars.

*S.S.S. Engineering Company Ltd. (India)
*600mm Diameter, 3-Hi Stands - 3 Nos
*Finishing Stands with roller bearings
*Pusher type Re-heating Furnace (3 Mtr Wide ad 21 Mtr Long)
*Hydraulic tilting tables.
*Hot saw cutting machine

*Rounds - From 25mm diameter to 125mm diameter
*Round Corner Square - From 45mm to 140 mm
*Reheating Furnace Capacity 15-18 Tons/hour.
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